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Frequently Asked Questions 


What is ‘Buy & Sell by Herdwatch’?

Buy & Sell by Herdwatch allows you to advertise & find animals for sale simply with a trusted network of over 18,000 Herdwatch members in Ireland & the UK.


What does 'Verified by Herdwatch' mean in a Buy and Sell by Herdwatch ad? 

Buy & Sell by Herdwatch lets farmers share verified animal information including age, breeding, movements, weights & more with other farmers on Herdwatch. Farmers can now browse through animal listings directly on the Herdwatch App to over 18,000 other farmers.
A 'Verified by Herdwatch' sticker means that verified animal information including age, breeding, movements, weights & more are available for the animal or group in question.
Once the animals are in the Herdwatch app, simply select the animals you wish to sell! By doing so, all of the animals key details will be provided by the app and all that's required is to input a headline and set a price! It's as easy as that!


How can it help increase the value of my animals?

Sharing the animal information can help sellers increase the value of their animals by giving buyers more security in what they are buying, before they buy, with reliable animal information to avoid expensive mistakes. 

This could include for example, confirmation that the animals are coming from a quality assured herd or that the breed is the same as the official register.  All ad information is updated with the animal information present  in the Herdwatch farm management app. 


How will it save me time?

Buyers and sellers can save time discussing animal history, as well as save money and travel time spent visiting unsuitable animals.

It is really easy to create an advert in seconds, with livestock information transferring over from Herdwatch, once the ad is created. 


How can I create an ad?

It couldn't be easier: 

  1. Click on the 'Buy & Sell' section in the app and select 'Sell Animals' 
  2. Select the animals you want to sell.
  3. Attach up to 3 pictures and a video of your animals.
  4. Input your headline & description.
  5. Set your price or open yourself to offers! 

What information will be shared?

Only the details of the animals selected will be shared and will expire when your ad expires. The following information will be shared, when available in the Herdwatch app:mockup-of-three-iphones-11-lying-together-792-el 

  • Breed(s)
  • Age(s)
  • Weight(s)
  • Farm Residencies (Number of Movements)
  • Number of Animals For Sale
  • Quality Assurance Status 
  • Days in Herd
  • Last TB test date(s)
  • Animals in Withdrawal (Yes/No)
  • Digital Medical Records Available (Yes/No)


What information is 'Verified by Herdwatch'? 

The following animal information is considered 'Verified by Herdwatch' - breed, age, farm residencies (number of movements), quality assurance status, days in herd and the last TB test date. In some rare circumstances, this information may be incorrect or out of date on an advert as it is the responsibility of advertising farmers to take certain actions to maintain an up to date herd register and ad listing in Herdwatch. The information could also be incorrect due to system or human error. Ultimately it is the buyer's responsibility to satisfy themselves of the suitability of animals before finalising a purchase - the same common sense approach applies for any purchase, not just animals!


What information is not 'Verified by Herdwatch'? 

The animal information relating to weights, animals in withdrawal status & digital medical records is shared as per the information held in Herdwatch, which is dependent on the Herdwatch member maintaining complete and accurate records in the Herdwatch app at all times, and therefore this information is not considered 'Verified by Herdwatch'. If there is some information that is not currently in Herdwatch when you are creating your ad, that information can be provided manually. You also have a choice as to whether to share the animals weights as not all farmers have weighing scales on farm.


Who is responsible for the accuracy of the animal information in Herdwatch? 

As per the Herdwatch terms of service, it is the Herdwatch member's responsibility to ensure that any content or animal information they upload using the Herdwatch app is checked and verified. If you are unsure if your animal information has been properly uploaded or not then please contact us and will use all reasonable endeavors to assist you.


Can I share information for more than one animal?

Yes, you can, by selecting multiple animals when creating your buy in the Herdwatch app before generating your adverts. Where more than one animal is selected, Herdwatch will share an average or the maximum value depending on the number of animals and information to be shared. You can also access each individual animals information from within the listings by clicking on the 'Animals' tab at the top of the listing. 


What information is not shared?

You will not be able to send any of your personal details, location, full tag number, herd number, tag numbers or any other information beyond the list above. If you wish, you can choose to put additional details onto your listing when creating your ad.


What happens if I sell some of the animals?

You can delete your listing simply through the app or the listing will automatically update the number of animals 5 days after the animals leave your herd. If all animals are sold, the ad will show them as sold, if only a few of the animals are sold, the number of animals shown within the listing will be updated. 


Where is it available?

The service is currently available for farmers to create buy & sell ads in the Republic of Ireland & the UK only. 


How much does it cost?

The ‘buy & sell by Herdwatch feature is available to all Herdwatch members, members on the PRO Complete plan get unlimited ad listings and members on our PRO Essentials or Free-Basic plan get 5 ad listings per year. Go to for more information.


How do I check which Herdwatch plan I am on?

You can check what plan you are on by going into your 'Settings' in the Herdwatch app where you’ll see your current plan information at the top. If are not sure or have any questions, please feel free to contact us through the message centre in the app.


I cannot see the option to create an ad in the Herdwatch app. 

You should be able to find the 'Buy & Sell' tile quickly on the app homepage or by clicking on the 'Orange Plus' button in the Herdwatch app and then selecting the 'Buy&Sell' button. If you cannot find it, you may be on an older version of the Herdwatch app, go to the App or Play store (or click here) and download the latest version of the Herdwatch NextGen app, you will be able to find it then.  


What if I do not want to share my animal information?

Then you do not have to do anything. We will only share animal information when you place your ad live on the Herdwatch platform.


Can I edit or delete my ads  in the Herdwatch app?

Yes, you can delete ads in Herdwatch by clicking on the your listing in the app and selecting 'delete'. 


Any other question?

If you have a question that was not answered on this page, you can check out our info page, contact us via the Message Centre in the app or by emailing and one of our experts will be glad to help.



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