Herdwatch Fodder Calculator 

This simple calculator will help you find out if you have enough fodder for the Winter ahead. 

The Herdwatch Winter Fodder Calculator uses Tonnes of Silage as the unit of measure.  You can enter all your winter feeds such as Pit Silage, Silage bales, Hay bales, Straw bales, Maize Silage, Whole crop cereal and Fodder crops and this will be converted to its equivalent value in tonnes of silage. 

  • This calculator will work for Suckler, Beef, Dairy, and Sheep farmers. 
  • You can see how much fodder you require in both tonnes of Silage or bales of Silage.
  • You use the calculator as many times as you want to see:
    • How much feed you need for different stock numbers. 
    • How many months you plan to feed for. 
  • All calculations are based on Teagasc recommended feeding levels and Silage at 25% dry matter.


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