The new Herdwatch NextGen app is here

Leaner, Meaner and Faster than ever πŸš€

Lots of New Features βœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ

Built with Farmers, for Farmers πŸ‚πŸ„πŸ‘


Over the past 6 years, Herdwatch have proudly helped thousands of farmers save hours on paperwork every week and make better on-farm decisions via the Herdwatch app. With our software now being used on over 12,500 farms, we are the leading farm management software platform in the UK & Ireland due to our current app's ease of use and wealth of features. 

However, we know that as more farmers embrace digitalisation of their farm management, we too had to stay ahead of their needs by developing a entirely new app that is even quicker, easier to use and built for the future of farming, and the future of Herdwatch. 

It has taken 2 years of Research and Development with an investment of over €1 million to get here but Herdwatch NextGen is now available to download from the App or Play store. Click here to download it now and get started for free in seconds.


The new Herdwatch NextGen app is Leaner, Meaner & Faster than any other app 

  • New from the ground up, the best and most popular farm management solution is now even better 
  • Easier to use while still familiar for existing members to save you more time 
  • With performance at its core, the app runs at lightspeed, so there’s no waiting around 
  • Lots of new features within sprays, breeding, weights, smartlists, reports and lots more on the way 
  • Built with Farmers, for Farmers with years of learning and experience from our 12,500+ members 
  • And best of all :
    • you can download it for FREE 
    • you can trial it for FREE 
    • and if you already have Herdwatch, you can upgrade to Herdwatch NextGen for FREE... 


Some of the great new features in Herdwatch NextGen

  • New home-screen to allow even faster access to your Herd, Reports & Watchboard.
  • No waiting around, the app opens instantly and reports run straight away.
  • Quicker workflow management using the Orange Plus Button and new Action Drawer to instantly create any record.
  • New Smartlists & Advanced Filters to allow you find your animals by animal type, breed, purpose, etc and make better decisions by viewing all the information
  • Record weights quicker by recording weights for groups of animals all at once, you can also filter your animals between different weight ranges to identify your best performers.
  • Advanced settings for Beef Finishers to allow you customise the Watchboard alerts to your system.
  • Effortless breeding management with faster entry of pregnancy scans and the ability to customise the app for the breeding programme on your farm
  • Sprays & Pesticides recording now available in GB & NI.
  • Updated menu to allow easier access to your Settings, Contacts or to Switch Herd
  • And lastly, you can now get into the app to see how great Herdwatch NextGen is even if the herd has not been downloaded from the department, so what are you waiting for?


"We run a pedigree Limousine herd and use the Herdwatch NextGen app for all of our farm management records. We sell bulls and heifers, so when a farmer comes in to buy animals, I can use Herdwatch to tell them on the spot when the animals were last cycling, their last weights, TB tests, breeding indexes, treatment history and much much more. I find it an essential part of my farming management and I'd be lost without it."

Brian Kelly - Burren, Co. Clare


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