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Frequently Asked Questions 



What is ‘Verified by Herdwatch on DoneDeal’?

'Verified by Herdwatch on Donedeal' is a new decision support tool that lets farmers share animal information including age, breeding, movements, latest weights & more with other farmers on the DoneDeal platform.



What is a Verified Ad?

This is an ad or listing on where a Herdwatch member has chosen to add the animal information and history directly from the Herdwatch app to the DoneDeal listing to improve the information available and make their listing more attractive to potential buyers.


What is a Verified Ad Code?

This is a the code you will generate in the Herdwatch app which contains information about the animals you would like to sell. You put this code into DoneDeal when you are creating your ad and your animal information and history will automatically appear. 


How will it help increase the value of my animals?

Sharing the animal information will help sellers increase the value of their animals by giving buyers more security in what they are buying, before they buy, with reliable animal information to avoid expensive mistakes.

This could be that the animals are coming from a quality assured herd or even confirming the breeds, all the information on the DoneDeal ad will be updated with the animal information from the Herdwatch farm management app. 


How will it save me time?

Buyers and sellers will also save a lot of time asking questions and getting answers on animal history, as well as saving money on diesel by not going to see the wrong animals…

It is really easy to create a 'Verified by Herdwatch' Ad and can be done in seconds, just create a Verified Ad Code in the Herdwatch app and use it when creating your ad in DoneDeal.

Once you enter the Verified Code into DoneDeal, all your information from Herdwatch will appear, saving you time creating your ad as well. 


How does the ‘Verified by Herdwatch on DoneDeal’ work?

It couldn't be easier:

  1. Create a 'Verified Advert" record
  2. Select the animals you want to sell in the Herdwatch app.
  3. Generate a Verified Ad Code using the 'Generate Code' button.
  4. Using the 'Copy Code' button and then paste it into DoneDeal when creating your ad.
  5. The animal information will appear on your DoneDeal ad, it is that easy...



What information will be shared?

Only the details of the animals selected will be shared and will expire when your ad expires on DoneDeal. The following information will be shared with DoneDeal, when available in the Herdwatch app (see example below):

  • Breed(s)
  • Age(s)
  • Weight(s)
  • Farm residencies (Number of Movements) 
  • Number of animals for sale
  • Quality Assurance status 
  • Days in Herd
  • Last TB test date(s)
  • Animals in withdrawal (Yes/No)
  • Digital Medical records (Yes/No)


What information is Verified by Herdwatch on my DoneDeal ad? 

The following animal information is verified - Breed, Age, Farm residencies (Number of Movements), Quality Assurance status, Days in Herd and the Last TB test date. 

Why is the other information not Verified

The animal information relating to Weight(s), Number of animals for sale, Animals in withdrawal status & Digital Medical records is all shared as per the information held in Herdwatch which is dependent on the Herdwatch member maintaining complete and accurate records in the Herdwatch app at all times. If there is some information that is not currently in Herdwatch when you are creating your ad on DoneDeal, you can just fill in that information on your ad manually. You also have a choice as to whether to share the animals weights as we know not all farmers have a weighing scales on farm.


Who is responsible for the accuracy of the animal information in Herdwatch that is shared with DoneDeal? 

As per the Herdwatch terms of service, it is the Herdwatch member's responsibility to ensure that any content or animal information they upload using the Herdwatch app is checked and verified. If you are unsure if your animal information has been properly uploaded or not then please contact us and will use all reasonable endeavours to assist you.


Who is responsible for the accuracy of the animal information on the DoneDeal ad? 

For that, you will need to refer to the DoneDeal website and their their own Terms & Conditions of service. 


Can I share information for more than one animal?

Yes, you can, by selecting multiple animals when creating your Verified Ad in the Herdwatch app before generating your Verified Code to put into the DoneDeal site. Where more than one animal is selected, Herdwatch will share an average or the maximum value depending on the number of animals and information to be shared. 


What information is not shared?

You will not be able to send any of your personal details, location, herd number, tag numbers or any other information beyond the list above to DoneDeal. If you wish, you can choose to put additional details onto your listing when creating your ad on the DoneDeal site. 


What happens if I sell some of the animals?

The information shared by Herdwatch to DoneDeal will be updated nightly and the changes will be reflected on your DoneDeal ad.


Where is it available?

The service is currently available for farmers to create Verified Ads in the Republic of Ireland. 


How much does it cost?

The ‘Verified by Herdwatch' feature is available to all members on the Herdwatch PRO Complete plan and is available as part of the yearly subscription charge. Go to for more information.


How do I check which Herdwatch plan I am on?

You can check what plan you are on by going into your Settings in the Herdwatch app where you’ll see your current plan information at the top. If you are not on the Herdwatch PRO Complete plan, you will need to upgrade your membership to access this feature. This can be initiated from the app or by contacting us on 0505-34400.


I'm not on the Herdwatch Complete plan, is there a way I can try it out?

Sure you can, Herdwatch is giving all of its PRO members 3 free credits to create 3 Verified Ad codes within the Herdwatch app to add your animal data to your DoneDeal listing.


I cannot see the option to create a Verified Advert in the Herdwatch app. 

You should be able to find this quickly by clicking on the 'Orange Plus' button in the Herdwatch app and then selecting the 'Verified Advert' option. If you cannot find it, you may be on an older version of the Herdwatch app, go to the App or Play store (or click here) and download the latest version of the Herdwatch NextGen app, you will be able to find it then.  


What if I do not want to share my animal information?


Herdwatch will never send animal information to DoneDeal without you creating a Verified Ad Code first, and using that code on the DoneDeal ad creation page.


Will Herdwatch share my personal details with DoneDeal?

No, Herdwatch will only share the information for the animals you have selected to share with DoneDeal. This animal information is not automatically sent to DoneDeal, they will only request access to it once you enter the Herdwatch Verified Ad code into DoneDeal when creating your listing.


Can I check my Verified Ads in the Herdwatch app?

Yes, you check the Verified Ad codes you have generated for your Verified ads on DoneDeal by clicking on the ‘Management’ icon and then clicking into the ‘Verified Ads’ option in the Herdwatch app. 


Can I edit or delete my Verified Ads in the Herdwatch app?

Yes, you can delete the Verified Ads in Herdwatch by clicking on the ‘Management’ icon and then clicking into the ‘Verified Ads’ option in the app. Just simply select the relevant ad and then select the option to edit or delete the information on the verified ad. The information on the DoneDeal listing will then be updated later that night. 


Any other question?

If you have a question that was not answered on this page, contact us via the Message Centre in the app or by emailing and one of our experts will be glad to help.



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